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RC&D Programs

Alabama Renewable Energy Assessment Program (AREAP)

This program provides FREE renewable energy assessments to help your farm or rural business navigate the best options for renewable energy. By partnering with Ensave, we are able to provide an evaluation of your project to determine viability, proper size, comparison of types, and return on investment. For more information on benefits and process, click here.

Small Farmer Equipment Cost Share & Rental

For farmers with limited funds and small acreage, we provide cost shares and rentals that make small-scale farming easier and more efficient. Cost share includes poultry processing kit. Rentals include an ATV-pull behind seed drill, a tractor-pulled Truax Flex-II seed drill, and a tour trailer.

Stream Barrier Removal for Endangered Aquatic Species

We've partnered with the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program to collaborate with volunteer leaders and landowners to remove stream barriers that prevent endangered, threatened, or at-risk aquatic species, such as the Slackwater Darter, from repopulating in their natural and native habitats.

Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Outreach

Education about federal programs within the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) is provided through a series of outreach meetings to provide technical assistance to small farmers, veterans, minorities, and more.

Annual Veteran Farmers Conference

This conference takes place every summer and focuses on our military veterans, therapeutic farming, agricultural education, federal programs, and interactive small farm demonstrations. For more information, click here.