About RC&D


45 Years of Community and Rural Development

Since its inception in 1973, The Alabama Mountains, Rivers & Valleys Resource Conservation & Development Council (formerly Tennessee Valley RC&D Council) has completed more than five hundred projects. Beginning with the Road Bank Stabilization project in Cullman County, the Council has benefited its member counties by bringing in over nine million dollars.

Member Counties of AMRV RC&D include: Cullman, DeKalb, Jackson, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, Marshall, and Morgan County.

Who We Are:

We are one of many RC&Ds not only statewide but nationwide. The RC&D areas were established to provide a program that empowers citizens to develop and carry out plans for the sustainability and well-being of their communities.

AMRV RC&D is made up of a volunteer council consisting of a board of directors and council members who are community leaders in conservation, resource management, environmental stewardship, and community development. Meet the board of directors. We are also staffed by employees full of experience and education who continually work on projects for the counties and communities of North Alabama. Meet the staff.

What We Do:

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of residents by the reasonable and responsible protection of the natural and human resources of the Tennessee Valley. We do this in a few different ways.

Primarily, RC&D is here to serve our counties and communities through grant giving and project funding. Each year we distribute over $300,000 across eight counties to community and rural projects that benefit the public.

We also run WaterWorks Center for Environmental Education, a unique water-treatment facility turned education center that teaches environmental responsibility, green design, natural water filtration, teambuilding, canoeing and much more.

Additionally, we develop and implement our own projects and services that benefit our multi-county area. These projects are typically geared to wise use of natural resources and environmental responsibility.