At-Ease_ Veteran Therapeutic Farming


At-Ease Veteran Therapy Farming is a program dedicated to increasing veteran participation in agriculture and to encourage therapeutic relief of service-related disabilities such as PTSD, TBI, and much more through farming.

This program has three main goals: 1) to connect veterans wanting to participate in therapeutic farming with farmers and landowners who are willing to allow veterans to use their land, 2) to fund farmland improvements on farms with veteran participation, and 3) to provide therapeutic farming workshops and tours.

Soon AMRV RC&D will provide a stand-alone website for At-Ease Veteran Therapeutic Farming that will allow farmers, landowners, and veterans to connect with and contact each other. And please keep an eye on this webpage and our event calendar for future At-Ease Workshops and Tours.

This program is possible by the help of Disabled Veterans National Foundation.

At-Ease Farmland Improvement Grants

Through program funds, AMRV RC&D is proud to offer farmland improvement grants for therapeutic farms. To qualify for this grant, you must be 1) located in Cullman, DeKalb, Jackson, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, Marhsall, or Morgan County, 2) a farm or land owner who is willing to allow veterans to use land for therapeutic farming or 2) a veteran who owns land and is looking to get started in agriculture.

Projects may include but are not limited to hoop houses, fencing, bee keeping equipment, ponds, hydroponics, seeds/plants/saplings, soil preparation and conditioning, start-up livestock and poultry, etc.

Applications are accepted on a continual basis. Please fill out the form below.

At-Ease Grant Application

At-Ease Grant Application
Are you a Military Veteran? (Lack of military involvement does not disqualify you from grant) *
If yes, what branch are you affiliated with? (Click all that apply)
If funded, are you willing to allow your farm/land to be used by veterans for therapeutic farming? *
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