Marshall County

2018 Community Projects

Marshall County

2019 Projects

Farm to School

Marshall County Schools were able to serve high quality foods from local producers including local fruits and vegetables in order to increase student consumption and decrease plate waste.

Mobile Communications Project

Installation of repeaters and antennas on a Mobile Communications Trailer allows first responders to transmit signals and communicate with locations in Marshall County that are not reached by existing stationary towers.

Snead State Greenhouse

A greenhouse was constructed on the Boaz campus of Snead State to facilitate in teaching new horticulture classes.

2018 Projects

Swinging Away Student Sensory Issues

This project has provided students with special needs in wheelchairs the ability to participate with their peers on the playground by using the wheelchair swings and has provided sensory activities for special needs students with sensory processing issues to increase focus and decrease sensitivities and behaviors that may impede their learning throughout the school day.

Making an Agriscience Welding Shop Modern

Students from our local community taking Agriscience classes such as Intro to Metal Fab will now have the skills to enter the workforce with enough training to operate a large CNC Plasma cutter.

Douglas K-8 21st CCLC Community Garden

This project strengthened the learning of elementary and middle school students and showed them how to help supply food to their community as well as their family.

UCAN American Indian Resources, Inc. Web Maintenance and Community Resources Outreach

Hosting the herb walk and improving our website is allowing us to make the community aware of the benefits and beauty of what is growing in their own yards. These events help us to reach out to our community and others in such a way that it not only helps them to be more aware of what nature has available to them but to also help them reach a better understanding of what it means to be Cherokee and what our tribe is truly about.

WELP Student Environmental Workshop

This project provided 18 different students the opportunity to explore their natural environment and learn about various careers in environmental biology.

4-H Clubs Skins n Skulls

This project has and will continue to teach youth and adults about the importance of environmental and wildlife stewardship. Youth learn responsible wildlife management practices and environmental stewardship concepts through hands-on wildlife skins, furs, and bones.