Limestone County

2019 Community Projects

Limestone County

2019 Projects

Ardmore 4-H Naturalist Studies

This environmental program involved teenagers in citizen science initiatives, community service projects, and the promotion of a positive conservation ethic by combining field study with classroom learning.

Athens Bible School AED

An AED was purchased and installed in Athens Bible School at their soccer complex to increase access to emergency safety equipment in all areas of the school.

Mooresville Bicentennial Park

The Bicentennial Celebration Park was created in the Town of Mooresville to celebrate its 200 year anniversary, and includes a green garden and community space featuring native plants, educational kiosks, and a 3-D printed map of the town.

Patriotic Entrance

A patriotic entrance was developed at Tanner Elementary School with the installation of a flagpole and surrounding landscaping.

Year-Round Drug Take Back

A MedReturn Drug Collection Unit was purchased so that the public can properly dispose of medications on a daily basis at the Athens Police Department.

2018 Projects

Alabama: Field Studies in America's Amazon

Established an environmental education program for students to contribute to the community, build problem-solving skills and identify career paths, become water chemistry certified through AWW, get certified in Wilderness First Aid , take part in citizen science initiatives such as Hudson Alpha’s Bicentennial Barcoding project, learn map reading, compete in the State Evirothon competition, rappel down an 85 foot cliff face, kayak out to the champion cypress, follow a botanist through a carnivorous plant bog, and consult with experts on topics of personal interest.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (V.I.T.A.) Program

The project provided needed income tax services to the elderly and low income residents at no cost to the taxpayers. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program was dedicated to protecting families and elderly tax refunds - in many cases the largest check that most of the taxpayers receive throughout the year.

Limestone County Groundwater Festival

This event educates the 4th grade classes in Limestone County by hands-on activities concentrating on the water cycle, aquifers, the causes and effects of water pollution, and water filtration, plus a fun, eco-friendly magic show.