2018 Community Projects

Cullman County

Sportsman Lake Fountain Learning Area

A learning area near the lake at Sportsman Lake Park was created. This included the installation of a fountain and an educational sign. The educational sign details the water cycle, while the other discusses the species and other various things in the lake.

County Road 1507 line extension

This project provided potable clean drinking water to two existing residences with app. 8 to 10 residents. It also gave access to potable drinking water to three more property owners that have the opportunity to develop numerous building sites for future growth.

Forestry Awareness Week Now

FAWN (Forestry Awareness Week Now) reaches around 1200 6th graders in the county and teaches them the importance of our forest lands with lessons taught about forest products, forest management, tree id, soils, and forest wildlife.

Cullman County Water Festival

The water festival reaches over 1200 students and parents and teaches them the importance of how to protect and conserve our natural resource called water.

North Alabama Agriplex

Program implementation, and help with summer feeding programs and summer camps.

Camp Meadowbrook Outdoor Facilities Restoration

Outdoor bathrooms were restored allowing more students to come and use the facility by staying outdoors and enjoying the educational boardwalks.

Heating and Cooling for Council Building

Provided the necessary heating and cooling in the new council building of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama for all meetings and events.

Cullman County Maps Archive

The project allowed for numerous invaluable documents of County and State history to be preserved for use by future generations. The method of electronic storage allowed for an additional 28,000 pages of documents to be stored than the original proposal. The documents will be easily accessible with no damage to the originals from excessive handling by the public therefore protecting these historic documents for many generations to come.