Morgan County

2019 Community Projects

Morgan County

2019 Projects

Community Gardens of Hope

Community gardens were expanded at Banks-Caddell Elementary School to include a coy pond with a fertilization/watering system in order to provide more fresh vegetables to the students and community and to provide a learning space for students.

Interactive Learning Elements

An interactive teaching carpet was installed for elementary students at Somerville Road Elementary School to learn music and an interactive walking path and obstacle course was created to engage special needs students in motor skills.

Soccer Complex Improvements

Soccer fields were leveled and a safe and visually appealing playing area for children in the community was completed.

2018 Projects

West Morgan Baseball Improvements

The new batting cage net has allowed baseball teams to hit safely in the hitting facility.  Additionally, the roll cage net has allowed players to hit during the school day because the net eliminates foul balls going into the parking lot.

Banks-Caddell Community Gardens of Hope

The newly created garden area at Banks-Caddell Elementary School is planted with crops and used to teach students about gardening, the value of healthy eating and self-reliance, and also giving back with service learning.

Eva Recreation Park Pavilions

The pavilions have provided a place for grandparents, parents and friends to have a place to watch their child to play and be out of the sun. With two pavilions, all ball fields are within site of one of the pavilions providing a place out of the sun.

King's Memorial UMC Pre-K Raised Bed Garden

The funds were used for a garden and playground supplies.  This garden will be planted and maintained each year by students and teachers at the KMUMC school.  The students will use it to learn about plants and environmental sciences, and more specifically, be used for a monthly gardening/natural resources class with Extension Staff throughout the school year.  The garden's produce will be used in the classroom and taken home to supplement fresh foods in the home.  The additions to the playground included play mats for safety under equipment and picnic tables for outdoor lunches.

Danville High School Dugouts

By making the dugout remediation, they will be safer for students athletes to use during practice and on game days, and its use can be extended to middle school and little league teams.

Making Money Count - The Art Of Sewing

The project called "Beginner Sewing Seminar" made a significant difference in the Morgan County Community for the clients that participated.  Each of learned new and different techniques to include easier ways to hand mend garments as well as mending using the sewing machines and sergers.

Underwater Recovery for Morgan County Rescue Squad

With underwater recovery equipment, Morgan County Rescue Squad is now able to recover vehicles, boats, or drowning victims faster due to the ability to scan with sonar and present clear images of underwater areas with low visibility.

Low Ropes & Elementary Yard at WaterWorks Center

The education center grounds were developed to include low ropes and elementary outdoor activities in order to expand the environmental education curriculum and field trip options to elementary students.