2018 Community Projects

Madison County

Creative Farming Methods AG Tour

Farming has changed so drastically over generations with so many new technologies & new equipment. Better farming methods help with soil retention and use of cover crops.  Crop rotations help prevent pests and diseases.  Many Participants  have no connection with the farm.  Participants learn a new appreciation for the many hats a farmer must wear in order to grow the food and fiber to feed and clothe the world.

St. Mark Playground Project

The project provides a safe and secure environment for children to learn and grow. Having an outdoor space where youth can explore and play together will prove to be most beneficial to their social and cognitive learning.

Urban Living Expo: Plan, Prepare, Practice; Don’t Get Caught off Guard!

The project supported educational extension programs that provide knowledge of disaster preparedness and management and as well as the impact of sound management on forestry, wildlife and natural resources.

Encounters with Urban Wildlife Educational Programming

The project allowed Extension to provide education on wildlife species, instincts, range, habitat, and concerns. It helped people better understand wildlife concepts, eating habits, survival tendencies, and nocturnal behavior of wildlife native to Alabama. And it led to improvements in cognitive skills and reduced risks associated with wildlife encounters.

Madison County Drinking Water Festival

Through hands-on activities, the festival educated fourth-grade students about drinking water resources, how to protect their water, how to keep it clean, and how water is linked to other natural resources.

PCREP Family Day

Improved reading scores, increased number of quality hours parents spent with children, improved parents skills in teaching their children.