DeKalb County

2019 Community Projects

DeKalb County

2019 Projects

Blake VFD Personnel Equipment

The Volunteer Fire Department in Blake was equipped with personal protective eqipment and radios to improve emergency response.

Senior Security Project

Security cameras were purchased and installed at each of DeKalb County's Senior Centers to help secure the safety of over 250 seniors.

Fyffe Defibrillators

Two automated defibrillators were purchased for the town of Fyffe's police department and fire department.

Ider First Responder Equipment

Ider Police Department obtained body cameras to increase officer safety and materials that allow for on-site first aid at any location.

2018 Projects

Wonders of Water (WOW) Water Festival

The program educated students and raised awareness of the importance of clean water for communities.  Students came away with a better understanding of recycling, water quality and how humans and wildlife have the same needs of a healthy environment.

Station Generator for Dogtown Fire Protection Authority

Allows the Dogtown Fire Protection Authority the ability to operate during weather events or any other situations that would cause power loss at the station.