Since its beginning, AMRV RC&D has been dedicated to community development. Over the last 45 years, the council has brought in over $9 million and has completed more than 500 projects. AMRV RC&D continues to serve North Alabama through grant programs, RC&D services, and an environmental education center.

Every year through our grant program, communities and organizations receive funding to complete projects that benefit the public. These projects range widely from outdoor classrooms to emergency services and everything in between. To see what has been accomplished by our area's incredible people, check out our community projects.

At AMRV RC&D, we continuously develop and implement our own projects and services that benefit our multi-county area. These projects are based upon wise-use of natural resources and environmental responsibility. They span areas of agriculture, sustainability, education, environmentalism, and more. Our current services include free renewable energy assessments, stream barrier removal for endangered aquatic species, specialty small farmer equipment rentals, and various workshops, outreach events, and conferences. To learn more, check out our RC&D services.

Environmental responsibility is very important to us, and so is encouraging the next generation to be more involved in the outdoors. This is why WaterWorks Center for Environmental Education was founded ten years ago, and why it is still going strong today. WaterWorks Center is a unique former water treatment facility turned green education center that showcases sustainable technologies, interactive education stations, wildlife exhibits, and a working natural wetland water filtration system. It is a great field trip destination for schools and organizations of all types. To learn more, check out WaterWorks Center or visit the center's website at waterworksedu.org.