The WaterWorks Center for Environmental Education was founded by the AMRV RC&D in 2010. An abandoned water works facility, closed due to changing facility standards and poor water quality in Flint Creek, was rehabilitated by Executive Director, Mike Roden, as a learning tool for children. Today, the building runs entirely on solar power, has a green roof, freshwater teaching aquariums, interactive turtle exhibit, interactive tree canopy, worm composter exhibit and more!

We believe in teaching children to be knowledgable and responsible stewards of our environment. This means teaching them about sustainability and green technologies, as well as teach them about their local environment and how they can protect their natural resources. Many children do not get to experience the outdoors, but here at WaterWorks, we are dedicated to providing children with meaningful outdoor experiences. In addition to a tour of our teaching facility, we take groups on canoe trips along Flint Creek, where they can see local species like cranes, snowy egrets, beavers, herons, and more!

If you are interested in scheduling a tour or field trip for your group, please contact Jay Grantland at or call (256) 773- 8495.

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