Bylaw Review


Our recommendation in reviewing the suggested bylaw changes is that you first look over the current bylaws, then view (either by printing them out or toggling between tabs) the three side-by-side versions together to compare them to better understand the changes.

Changes have been recommended for Preamble, Article I, Article III, Article V, and Article VI.

These bylaw changes will be presented and voted on at the AMRV RC&D Council Meeting on April 15th.

If you have any questions, please email Renona Seibert at or Jared Carter at

Current Bylaw Document: AMRV-Bylaws-recommended-changes-Oct-2018 (1)

Current Bylaw Side-by-Side Comparison Version: Original Bylaws Side-by-Side Comparison Version

Change Recommendations to Bylaws Side-by-Side Comparison Version: Recommended Changes Side-by-Side Comparison Version

Final (After Changes) Side-by-Side Comparison Version: Final Side-by-Side Comparison Version